One photo every day for a year


I’m probably just creating myself one more thing to feel guilty about not doing, but in the interest of improving my photography and being more creative I’m decided to join in with the Project 365 idea. I’ve had my Canon 350D since March this year and I feel I’m only just getting to a point where I’m doing anything other than randomly waving it at things and pressing the button, and I tend to only take photos when I ‘go somewhere to take photos’. Yet a lot of the photography that I really like isn’t of the obvious stuff, so I’m hoping that this might be a way to start looking for pictures in everyday life rather than just when I visit scenic places or am somewhere surrounded by geeks with cameras.

Ben on the 15 Oct 2006:

I started a couple of days ago :)

Richard Rutter on the 16 Oct 2006:

That’s weird. I started on my ‘photo a day’ project on Thursday. What was it that kicked us off?

Piotr - poland on the 16 Oct 2006:

hello! i am 12 and i am reading your book – – it’s great! i am learning css for fun. i am creating page of my class, if have free time, please, look : . my code isn’t great. :/

David Locke on the 27 Oct 2006:

Hi Rachel,

Followed the link to Flickr and Was looking at the photographs you have been taking – very impressive! Seems like you have a keen eye for beatiful subject matter!!! Hope all is well and just to let you know that I have been reading your CSS anthology book. It is very well written and I have learned a lot.

Take care,

David Locke

Jeremy on the 19 Aug 2007:

Hey, guess what? I’m doing a photo a day too, and calling it Lifeyear. Haha, check it out! I’m having so much fun doing this.

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