Rachel Andrew BA (Hons) Hum (Open)

Those with long memories or an interest in elderly archives may remember that back in 2002 I began studying with the Open University, with the vague idea that perhaps I might do enough courses to get a degree.

In the last four years I’ve acquired a passable ability to read Latin. I’ve learned that writing academic essays in the style of a step-by-step tutorial isn’t going to get me a decent grade. I’ve met some great people at tutorials and online – from young people combining study with work to avoid student debt; new mums studying while their children are pre-school age; to retired people bringing a lifetime’s knowledge and experience to their studies. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to study something just because it interests me and not because I have any particular need for the qualification.

Today I accepted my BA (Honours) in Humanities with Religious Studies, First-class Honours. I’m very pleased with that.


John Davies December 18, 2006 Reply

Congratulations Rachel, great piece of work, a time well spent.

Ben Charlton December 18, 2006 Reply

Woo, congrats! 🙂

Chris Casciano December 18, 2006 Reply

congratulations, indeed!

Simon Willison December 19, 2006 Reply

Ooh, congratulations!

Jesse Rodgers December 19, 2006 Reply

Congrats Rachel! Now on to grad work 😉

Lisa Risager December 19, 2006 Reply


Kate Bolin December 19, 2006 Reply


(It’s nice to know I’m now not the only web geek with a religion degree!)

Ben Ward December 19, 2006 Reply

Fantastic! Well done and congratulations, Rachel.

Meri December 19, 2006 Reply

Congratulations and well done!!

4 years doesn’t seem long at all to get a bachelor’s degree — were you taking a lot of courses in parallel?

Are you going to move on to a PhD next? 😉

Peter Hyde-Smith December 20, 2006 Reply

Rachel, that’s fantastic! Good for you, and well done.

radiac December 20, 2006 Reply

Congratulations! 🙂

Simon Mackie December 21, 2006 Reply

Congratualtions, Rachel. Very well done – a first class honours degree is an achievement to be proud of.

lewro December 26, 2006 Reply

Congratulations and thanks for your books as well!

Aaron Gustafson December 26, 2006 Reply

Congrats Rachel, that’s excellent! Kelly, my wife, did her Masters of Arts & Religion at Yale Divinity School. If we run into each other one of these days, I’m sure you two will have a lot to talk about.

Peter Mount December 29, 2006 Reply

So what happened to the loud bird under the street lamp? Did it meet with a KFC style demise? Did it meet it’s maker via Colonel Sander’s secret recipe of herbs and spices? And did said demise of the feathered creature lead to a guilt ridden trip to vegetarianism (as well as a good night’s sleep).

Congratulations on the Degree. It sounds like you’ve worked hard for it.

Tim Payne December 31, 2006 Reply

Nice one! I’m glad all the hard work paid off. 🙂

Angela McDonald January 13, 2007 Reply

Well Done Rachel an encouragement to all us out here in non degree land!! Keep up the great work

Matt January 17, 2007 Reply

Congratulations Rachel! A couple of us here have done OU degrees. So we know what dedication it takes, and know how pleased you must be.

Mandy January 24, 2007 Reply

Congratulations Rachel!! I know we studied together one of those years – i’ve taken a break so have yet to achieve mine. Well done you!

Mandy January 24, 2007 Reply

Congratulations Rachel!
We studied together one of those years…i’ve taken a break so have yet to achieve mine. Very well done to you.

greg March 7, 2007 Reply

Well done, I am just setting out on an open degree with ou, nice to see someone get there…

Tim Woods August 4, 2007 Reply

Congratulations. I am pretty sure you were on one of the same courses as me, and in the same tutor group. Could have been AA308 (Philosophy) in 2005. I remember thinking, hold on, I might just have read one of your techie books on CSS, as like yourself, I spend my days developing web software.

Good luck for the future in any case. I’m two months from finishing my BA Hons with the OU!

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