Rachel Andrew BA (Hons) Hum (Open)

Those with long memories or an interest in elderly archives may remember that back in 2002 I began studying with the Open University, with the vague idea that perhaps I might do enough courses to get a degree.

In the last four years I’ve acquired a passable ability to read Latin. I’ve learned that writing academic essays in the style of a step-by-step tutorial isn’t going to get me a decent grade. I’ve met some great people at tutorials and online – from young people combining study with work to avoid student debt; new mums studying while their children are pre-school age; to retired people bringing a lifetime’s knowledge and experience to their studies. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to study something just because it interests me and not because I have any particular need for the qualification.

Today I accepted my BA (Honours) in Humanities with Religious Studies, First-class Honours. I’m very pleased with that.

John Davies on the 18 Dec 2006:

Congratulations Rachel, great piece of work, a time well spent.

Ben Charlton on the 18 Dec 2006:

Woo, congrats! :)

Chris Casciano on the 18 Dec 2006:

congratulations, indeed!

Simon Willison on the 19 Dec 2006:

Ooh, congratulations!

Jesse Rodgers on the 19 Dec 2006:

Congrats Rachel! Now on to grad work ;)

Lisa Risager on the 19 Dec 2006:


Kate Bolin on the 19 Dec 2006:


(It’s nice to know I’m now not the only web geek with a religion degree!)

Ben Ward on the 19 Dec 2006:

Fantastic! Well done and congratulations, Rachel.

Meri on the 19 Dec 2006:

Congratulations and well done!!

4 years doesn’t seem long at all to get a bachelor’s degree — were you taking a lot of courses in parallel?

Are you going to move on to a PhD next? ;-)

Peter Hyde-Smith on the 20 Dec 2006:

Rachel, that’s fantastic! Good for you, and well done.

radiac on the 20 Dec 2006:

Congratulations! :)

Simon Mackie on the 21 Dec 2006:

Congratualtions, Rachel. Very well done – a first class honours degree is an achievement to be proud of.

lewro on the 26 Dec 2006:

Congratulations and thanks for your books as well!

Aaron Gustafson on the 26 Dec 2006:

Congrats Rachel, that’s excellent! Kelly, my wife, did her Masters of Arts & Religion at Yale Divinity School. If we run into each other one of these days, I’m sure you two will have a lot to talk about.

Peter Mount on the 29 Dec 2006:

So what happened to the loud bird under the street lamp? Did it meet with a KFC style demise? Did it meet it’s maker via Colonel Sander’s secret recipe of herbs and spices? And did said demise of the feathered creature lead to a guilt ridden trip to vegetarianism (as well as a good night’s sleep).

Congratulations on the Degree. It sounds like you’ve worked hard for it.

Tim Payne on the 31 Dec 2006:

Nice one! I’m glad all the hard work paid off. :)

Angela McDonald on the 13 Jan 2007:

Well Done Rachel an encouragement to all us out here in non degree land!! Keep up the great work

Matt on the 17 Jan 2007:

Congratulations Rachel! A couple of us here have done OU degrees. So we know what dedication it takes, and know how pleased you must be.

Mandy on the 24 Jan 2007:

Congratulations Rachel!! I know we studied together one of those years – i’ve taken a break so have yet to achieve mine. Well done you!

Mandy on the 24 Jan 2007:

Congratulations Rachel!
We studied together one of those years…i’ve taken a break so have yet to achieve mine. Very well done to you.

greg on the 07 Mar 2007:

Well done, I am just setting out on an open degree with ou, nice to see someone get there…

Tim Woods on the 04 Aug 2007:

Congratulations. I am pretty sure you were on one of the same courses as me, and in the same tutor group. Could have been AA308 (Philosophy) in 2005. I remember thinking, hold on, I might just have read one of your techie books on CSS, as like yourself, I spend my days developing web software.

Good luck for the future in any case. I’m two months from finishing my BA Hons with the OU!

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