New design

I have written quite a lot of stuff ... Deciding that I wanted to add a listing of the articles that I have written led to a rainy-weekend redesign of the templates and a reshuffle of the content on this site. I don’t consider myself a designer, and there are things I would like to add if I ever have time, but I am happier with this than I was with the previous incarnation.


lewro May 14, 2007 Reply

Nice and clean! Clean focus on context. Congratulation to your new version.

Richard Rutter May 14, 2007 Reply

Nice job. The only thing I would say is that the ‘Rachel elsewhere’ boxes look rather like Google Adwords at a glance. Well to my eyes anyway.

FatBusinessman May 21, 2007 Reply

Very nice: I’m loving the simplicity of it (although I would agree with Rich about the “Rachel elsewhere” links: I thought they were ads at first glance too).

Liam Dempsey May 22, 2007 Reply

Hey, I like it. Very clean indeed. Wonderfully simple and direct. You are going to put me out of a job if I’m not careful.

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