New design

I have written quite a lot of stuff ... Deciding that I wanted to add a listing of the articles that I have written led to a rainy-weekend redesign of the templates and a reshuffle of the content on this site. I don’t consider myself a designer, and there are things I would like to add if I ever have time, but I am happier with this than I was with the previous incarnation.

lewro on the 14 May 2007:

Nice and clean! Clean focus on context. Congratulation to your new version.

Richard Rutter on the 14 May 2007:

Nice job. The only thing I would say is that the ‘Rachel elsewhere’ boxes look rather like Google Adwords at a glance. Well to my eyes anyway.

FatBusinessman on the 21 May 2007:

Very nice: I’m loving the simplicity of it (although I would agree with Rich about the “Rachel elsewhere” links: I thought they were ads at first glance too).

Liam Dempsey on the 22 May 2007:

Hey, I like it. Very clean indeed. Wonderfully simple and direct. You are going to put me out of a job if I’m not careful.

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