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I started edgeofmyseat.com in September 2001, which makes it a pretty established company at this point. So it’s really exciting that Drew McLellan will be joining the company in September. We’re looking forward to working together full time as Drew has worked on a freelance basis for edgeofmyseat.com already, and we work well as a team. Drew will be leaving his job as a front end developer at Yahoo! to come and work for the company and you can read his thoughts about it at on his blog – allinthehead.com.

With Drew joining me in the company one of the things we are going to be able to offer is CSS training. I’ve had frequent requests to offer training but haven’t been able to offer it as a service until now due to all the other commitments that we have as a company. However we have now designed a beginners CSS training course, and will be offering this as an Open Course. The next presentation of this course will be on 29th October, 2007 – all the information can be found on the edgeofmyseat.com website. I really enjoy helping people to learn web development skills and so am very much looking forward to being able to do that in training courses as well as in my books.

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