Announcing The Profitable Side Project Handbook

In 2009 I was one half of a successful web development consultancy business, working alongside my husband developing sites for clients. We launched our product Perch as a side project alongside our client work. It became profitable within 24 hours of going on sale, has now taken well over half a million dollars in revenue, and as of the beginning of 2013 became our entire business. – Find out more about the book

We’ve learned a lot along the way, and I’ve also discovered a real personal interest in everything that goes into running our product business, and in helping other people do the same. I’m a collector of data, and of interesting research and stories. I try things out in our own business and collect the results. I’ve started to share some of this in blog posts, articles and in my workshop but I love the ability to fully work through a subject, long-form in a book. A book gives me a chance to really take the reader through a process, in a way that short articles out of context never can.

I’ve been contemplating writing this book for some time. I wanted to write a realistic business book. This will not be a book for people “chasing the dream” or with the ability and desire to throw everything at a big win startup dream. I offer no get rich quick schemes. However I think the reality of creating a product business from a side project is far more achievable for most people. It doesn’t have to involve huge risks, sacrifices or life change although it will involve hard work and focus.

Why self-publish?

I’ve written or co-authored a lot of books through traditional publishers. I have a whole shelf of these books in my lounge. If I had need of validation by having a proper book on a shelf I think we can safely say I’ve worked that out of my system.

I haven’t tried to take this subject to traditional or any of the newer publishers. It’s a relatively niche subject and may not be of interest, but more than that, I’ve come to a point where I’d really like to do this one myself. I’m not expecting to produce a print version – it will be e-book only – which takes an awful lot of the hassle out of creating a book.

I also see this book as another side project. Our original side project is now our business, and I thought it would be an interesting experiment to take on the entire production and marketing of this book myself.

If it sounds interesting to you then sign up and I’ll keep you up to date. As of today I have a lot of the material and research in hand and am starting to structure the book. I’ll be sending out a sample chapter and table of contents as I approach something like a finished work.

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Fabricio Matías Q November 12, 2013 Reply

I am really eager to read your book, Rachel.
I’ve tried a lot to have side-to-my-full-job projects, and I failed every time.
I hope to get some insight about why I failed and how to get a side project rolling out successfully.

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