Smashing Book 4: Writing about technical support

The Smashing Book 4 has been released today. I have seen the PDF version and am eagerly awaiting the delivery of the physical book as Smashing Magazine always do a lovely job with their books.

My chapter is about providing technical support, and is based on our experiences supporting Perch. I’ve been writing and speaking about technical support for the last year or so, and so if you enjoyed my chapter here are some other links you might like to take a look at.

The video of my presentation at Industry Conference last year – All Of a Sudden … No Luck.

I spoke to Chase Clemons of 37 Signals on his Support Ops podcast. The podcast and the Supports Ops site are well worth your time if support is part of what you do.

In the book I mention the two support solutions we use for Perch, HelpSpot and Snappy. In this post I explain how we use Snappy for presales emails.

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