Mailing lists for bootstrappers

I send out a weekly email containing a curated list of things I have read and listened to over the past week. I collect things that are of interest to other micro-entrepreneurs, side project builders and bootstrappers.

I subscribe to several emails too, and here is a list of my favourite regular email subscriptions. promises “one email a week with only the finest information on making your product a success. No VC-startup nonsense. No spam.”

Brennan Dunn sends content to his list to help freelancers grow their business and increase revenue. If you are trying to carve out time to build a side project then making more money for each freelance hour you work may just be a way to do that.

Justin Jackson sends out a weekly newsletter with “lessons and essays on building digital products, marketing, and discovering what customers really want”. Justin is currently writing a book called Marketing for Developers which I think will be useful to lots of us who are building products.

Charged is a new newsletter from Owen Williams and if the first two editions are anything to go by will become a favourite of mine.

Devops Weekly – for many of us, keeping servers running and making sure data is secure is part of the job of running our businesses. Although some of the information in this email is aimed at people managing far larger infrastructures, it’s a great way to keep up to date with things that might be useful in smaller setups.

Servers for Hackers is for developers who want to learn more about how to setup and secure their servers. Again, really helpful for anyone who has found themselves becoming an accidental sysadmin!

The Story of Telling is a site and regular email from Bernadette Jiwa. She focuses on using stories to build brands and her emails tend to prompt me to think about our products and brand in different ways.

A real mixed bag! If you know of any others you think would sit nicely alongside this little list, please add a comment.

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Michael Trojanek September 4, 2014 Reply

Well, there would be my own.

It lacks a fancy name and I’m just starting out, but I’m sending out a weekly newsletter to freelancers, bootstrappers and small businesses.

It’s mostly about (Rails) devops advice with occasional marketing and bootstrapping articles thrown in.

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