Blue Beanie Day 2016

It’s Blue Beanie Day, the day that a few of us dig out a blue hat, and remind ourselves and each other that web standards, the open web, accessibility and just doing things well matters.

This year marked 20 years of my being online, and because I started to build for the web almost as soon as I had an internet connection, 20 years of being a web developer. I’m immensely grateful to the web, and to the people who have so freely shared their experience, expertise and enthusiasm with me over the years. It has enabled me to have a career that I could never have imagined, to support my daughter to work towards her own dreams, to travel all over the world and so much more.

It seems a good day to publish this video from my keynote from All Things Open in Raleigh, a few weeks ago. I talk about how contributing to the open web has been so important in my own career. Happy Blue Beanie Day – be good to each other, share what you know, and consider the wider impact of the things you build and the way that you build them.

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