A redesign

In Grand Designs, there is the moment when Kevin McCloud shows up to make his final visit to the property. Fairly often, the outside of the featured mansion looks habitable, however when opening the door it is obvious that the family aren’t quite living there yet. It’s a work in progress, hurridly tidied up for the incoming camera crew.

In a similar vein, welcome to the latest incarnation of my website. A little rough around the edges, in the way of something worked on in a few spare moments here and there. And, as with many of those Grand Designs projects with the homeowner playing project manager or even architect, I’m no designer. However I wanted to get back to having a site that I was happy to play around with.

I’ll write some more about the things I have been doing in a later post. One thing you may notice as you leap to comment about my poor taste, is that the comments are gone, replaced by Webmention. We’ve implemented Webmention in the beta release of Perch Blog, which we will be shipping this week if you would like to do the same and use Perch or Runway. Drew wrote about implementing Webmention into Perch over on his site.

If you spot anything horrible feel free to let me know, there are likely to be many horrors in older blog posts. The blog on this site has content from 2001, which has been moved from one blog platform to another over the years and is somewhat crufty! I also need to spend some time updating the content in various sections, but this is at least a start.

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Chris Aldrich July 17, 2017 Reply

Congratulations on the wonderful new redesign and the added functionality! #itsmorethanjustthewords

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