The CSS Layout Workshop updated for 2018

Yesterday I made live fourteen brand new videos, plus a bunch of updates to existing material on my CSS Layout Workshop. If you already subscribe, you will have access to the new material already.

The Complete course now contains 96 individual lessons, covering everything you might possible want to know about CSS Layout. If I teach all of this in person, it is two full days of material!

Keeping all of this up to date, and working out what to restructure when is an interesting challenge. From discussions I have with people following the course, there are a whole range of needs. Many people still need a thorough understanding of how a float-based grid works, because they are tied to working on projects that use such a system. Others are ready to launch right into Flexbox and Grid. I currently balance those requirements by providing material about both approaches, and everything in between. Perhaps by 2019 I’ll be able to retire any mention of a float-based grid to an archive of “things we used to do”.

To celebrate this mini-relaunch I’m offering the complete course at a $30 USD discount until the end of March 2018. Sign up at The CSS Workshop and I look forward to seeing you in the Slack!

The CSS Layout Online Workshop

If you are ever baffled by floats, puzzled by collapsing margins or want to understand what is happening under the hood of a framework, this course is for you.

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