Get Started with CSS Grid – Online Class

Earlier this year I spent a fun day at the Skillshare offices filming a short course on CSS Grid Layout. The focus is newcomers to the spec, and I take you through developing a layout such as you might use for a blog. The introduction video for the course is below. It is designed for beginners, as a complete introduction, but I had fun doing some to-camera pieces as a change from the purely screencast style video I normally do.

During the hour you will learn the main features of Grid Layout:

  • How to define a Grid
  • The various ways to size tracks
  • Nesting Grids
  • Placing items on the grid
  • Combining Auto-placement and placed items
  • Responsive Design
  • Using Grid alongside other layout methods such as Flexbox

View the course for free – and explore the other content on Skillshare – by signing up for a free two-month Skillshare membership.

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