Running Online Workshops – The Smashing Podcast

At SmashingConf we normally run online workships alongside our conferences, with the San Francisco and Austin conferences postponed we decided to take the workshops online.

We’ve so far run two workshops, and a third sell out workshop with Brad Frost is ongoing. We’ve got a great lineup of upcoming workshops with many of your SmashingConf favourite speakers.

I talked about that decision to take the workshops online, and how the first two workshops were received on the Smashing Podcast. As I mention in the episode, I was really surprised how connected the experience felt, I felt that I was there with the attendees, not just preaching CSS Layout at my screen! The Q&A section at the end of each session was really busy too, I easily filled the time available with all the questions. I’m looking forward to running my next one in June.

You can listen here, subscribe in your podcatcher of choice, or visit Smashing Magazine for a full transcript.

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