A new home for this site

At work, I’ve recently spent a good chunk of my time moving content off legacy sites to the current ones, including making my manager sad by finally pulling the plug on HTML5Rocks. I figured I might as well do the same during my weekends, so have moved my blog archive, so I can begin posting again.

As I have negative amounts of free time right now, I decided to go with the simplest option of importing everything into WordPress, hosting it on WP Engine, and using a simple theme. I’m intrigued to see what WordPress is like after my ten year absence. I also feel there is also a benefit to using such a widely used tool, given my job is to provide resources for developers.

I’ve also pulled in a bunch of posts that relate to that time I smashed up my arm, which were on a separate blog that only had a few posts on it. At one point I wanted to separate the personal and the work-related, partly due to working freelance and my site being something of my shop window in terms of getting work. I don’t feel as if that matters so much now.

I imagine something is broken, I’ll tidy it up as I spot things, but I’m glad to have my site back up and running as a place to write for myself again.

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