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re:build Conference 2014

My writeup from an airplane returning from the re:build conference in Indianapolis.

Chapter 1: The Profitable Side Project Handbook

The first chapter of my book, The Profitable Side Project Handbook.

Perfectionism or procrastination? Reframing the Minimum Viable Product.

Some thoughts on perfectionism and that a “Minimum Viable Product” doesn’t need to mean something of low quality or a prototype.

Playing a mind game. On distance running and product launches.

Yesterday I ran twenty miles. The challenge of running distance often is as much in your head as in your legs. Launching products can be much the same.

Don't Benchmark Your Success Against Outliers

In reality building a profitable product business takes a long time. It might be a few years before your business reaches a point where you can say no to client work, or quit your job.

Podcast advertising - the "sponsor read" is key

Advice for podcasters and advertisers in terms of what has worked when advertising Perch.

The case of the abandoned clients

Our product is seeing an increasing number of support requests from end clients who have lost touch with their designer but don’t have access to the third party software and services used on their site.

All I know is how to work hard.

Thinking about the impact my life before the web has had on my life as a web developer and bootstrapper.

net magazine: Pro Ways to Launch a Product

In the March 2014 issue of net I have a cover feature Pro Ways to Launch a Product. In this post I link to some further reading on the subject.

Content Marketing for bootstrappers - what should you write about?

This post focuses on how to create a list of ideas when writing with the aim of driving traffic to your product site.

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