net magazine: Pro Ways to Launch a Product

In the March 2014 issue of net magazine I have a cover feature Pro Ways to Launch a Product. I’ve been writing for magazines for something like ten years but I think this is my first cover, and I’m happy because it is on a subject I really care about.

As a number of people have found this site via the article I thought I would put together a list of some of my other writing and things I have been doing that might be of interest.

My new book The Profitable Side Project Handbook is available to purchase from this site, if you are interested in creating side projects and bootstrapping products then you might like to sign up for my weekly email.

On the subject of starting small, I wrote an article for Smashing Magazine last year – Building a Successful Product – Start Small and Listen.

I write a regular column for A List Apart, my piece Pricing Underpins Everything You Do goes into more detail on pricing.

Support is something we take seriously at Perch. I spoke about technical support at Industry Conference last year and the talk is available on Vimeo. My chapter for the Smashing Book 4 is also on the subject of technical support.

I’ve written more about the idea of making your product – even if it is a side project – a first class citizen alongside other things that you do. Also why we are unfashionably profitable in making choices that might not be the latest thing, but that are right for our business and customers.

If you are interested in more recommended resources than those listed in the article, I posted my Bootstrapped Product Resource List at the end of last year.

I am always happy to talk about products and bootstrapping and can be found on Twitter or just send me an email.

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