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Relaunching the website

I founded in September 2001. From the outset we have focussed on working for designers and design agencies – providing web development services. Drew McLellan joined the company in September 2007 and we continued working for the same kind of clients – taking on slightly bigger projects [...]

The week of many launches

The end of November went a bit crazy at – however rather than external deadlines, these were entirely of our own making.

On paying and being paid

In the 9 years I have been running I have issued a large number of invoices but also received many invoices for freelancers and small companies working for us. Our policy is simple – we pay our contractors on or before the due date of the invoice. If [...]

Using Twitter for customer testimonials

When reading customer testimonials on websites I sometimes wonder how genuine the words are. There is often no way of knowing whether the quote even came from a real person, whether it was unsolicited or how old it is. As a business owner you have to keep these testimonials fresh [...]

Perch 1.5

Having just recovered from the shock of my daughter becoming a teenager, or more to the point, me being old enough to have a teenage daughter, we had another milestone to celebrate. Perch, the “really little CMS” that we have developed over at, is now a [...]

Spec work for web developers

As a company don’t need to do a lot of responding to tenders. We sometimes help our design agency clients with their pitches but it is fairly rare for us to get a RFP direct to us. However, when we do get sight of these documents – [...]

Moving accounts from Quickbooks to Xero

As I mentioned in my last post, last year we moved the business accounts for from Quickbooks to Xero. I’ve been asked for my opinions of Xero a few times recently and so thought I’d write this up here and it may be useful to others.

Why [...]

Keeping an eye on cashflow - accounts and bookkeeping for web businesses

It seems obvious that cashflow and accounts are important elements of running a business. However when you first start your business, bookkeeping and accounts isn’t something you easily get excited about – unless perhaps you are starting a business as an accountant. If you watch the television programme ‘Dragons’ Den’ [...]

Web design or development profit share agreements

I had this post in mind for a while, prompted by Neil Dixon’s post on the same subject, however the recent post over at Carsonified and the responses to it reminded me of this subject, and that is might be a good time to add my thoughts to [...]

Starting your own business during a downturn

It is certainly shaping up to be a tough time for a lot of people right now. Several friends have found themselves unemployed and I’ve seen a number of people mentioning on Twitter how they are considering starting their own business. From my own experience I would encourage people [...]

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