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Useful Aramaic Phrases

Ma’hed lee qalleel d-Khayey d-Breeyaan, ellaa dlaa gukhkaa.

Lego me

lego Rachel

Counties I have visited

The counties that I have visited, shown in yellow on a map. Via John Davies, who is doing far better than I at touring the UK!

County map

Made by marnanel

Map reproduced from Ordnance Survey map data by permission of the Ordnance Survey. © Crown [...]

People vs. Peer

People vs. Peer

“Ms. Ordinary” attempts to break the world record for charity fundraising (and to steal the glory from disgraced Peer Jeffrey Archer who is attempting to do the same)


My release kit arrived today, so I am all set to free up some shelf space by releasing some of my old books ‘into the wild’.

Hiran de Silva

I met Hiran a few years ago, when a bunch of us used to meet up supposedly to talk about Dreamweaver UltraDev, he’s a funny chap and his blog makes entertaining reading – Hiran de Silva.

Doctor slang

Despite my sister Alison being newly qualified as a doctor it’s not a family vocation and I try and stay away from all things medical, this article made me laugh though. I’ve definitely had a few UBIs in my time.

Mutant Online

Face composer


Woman broils Apple Powerbook … the mind boggles … (via my Mother).

I don't know why this is funny

Kittens, weird but it made me laugh on a Monday moning. Via Glasshaus.

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