Counties I have visited

The counties that I have visited, shown in yellow on a map. Via John Davies, who is doing far better than I at touring the UK!

County map

Made by marnanel

Map reproduced from Ordnance Survey map data by permission of the Ordnance Survey. © Crown copyright 2001.

John Davies on the 01 Jan 2001:

You must come west Rachel, it’s wonderful over here….
It’s a bit one-dimensional, this map; it’d be good to have one with more layers of complexity, so as to note say the contrasting amounts of time spent in each place, counties only visited once etc; maybe some web wizz will come up with that one day.

Marnanel on the 01 Jan 2001:

Not a bad idea… the HTML form to make it might be a bit confusing, though.

M (passing through)

Kevin on the 01 Jan 2001:

I’m puzzled how you were able to jump into Worcestershire without passing through any adjacent counties :-)

Are you perhaps a hang-glider?

Rachel on the 01 Jan 2001:

I was kind of going on places that I had visited rather than those I had travelled through. :)

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