Barred from the lottery

In addition to causing me problems buying underwear and wine, my browser is stopping me from wasting my money on the stupid tax. A reader of my blog pointed out that the web site for The National Lottery does not take kindly to people visiting their site using Mozilla Firefox, and while I can visit the homepage if I fill in my numbers and then submit the form to buy the tickets I’m barred.

Now I’ll never be able to become a millionaire.


PAW January 1, 2001 Reply

Hey Rachel,
I also noticed that you can’t get an xda2 from O2 if you use Firefox… I sent an email to complain – not that I want one, I was just curious! the O2 site works fine but the site which they push you to tells you you can’t see what’s behind. Most painful.
Oh well, seems I will have to find another mobile phone provider…

Tony Bridge January 1, 2001 Reply

Hi Rachel:

this may be obvious, but why not use IE to view the site, then you can win millions like the rest of us 😉

It’s a big world, and why should_everybody_have to read_every_site? Let ‘em eat cake! And why can’t I resize this window, if you’re so clever 😉

Tony (from off the Maidenhead List)
…only (half) joking…

Drew McLellan January 1, 2001 Reply

Tony – you can’t resize the window because you’re using a bad browser. Works fine for those of us who have moved out of the dark ages and have stopped using MSIE.

Tony Bridge January 1, 2001 Reply

All right, Drew, you win 😉

Re-size fine in Opera and Firefox – so what’s different with Rachel’s window, I don’t normally have this trouble?

For some reason, I’ve never got on with Opera and go back to IE (life’s too short for me to worry about the finer details of these things), but Firefox looks quite nice so I’ll persevere with it.

Tony Bridge January 1, 2001 Reply

Firefox :))

Hey, you’ve made me a convert, Drew! Pages load in a flash – I recently set up a RAM disk for browsing, though I’ve not noticed a great speed-up so far. So I don’t know yet if it’s Firefox or the RAM disk, but suddenly everything’s really flying!

Thanks for your subtle hints! Incidentally, just fiddling around with it, I selected ‘Open in Tabs’ in my ‘Imported Bookmarks’ menu – it’s a bit messy, as I’ve got thousands of’em – but I can’t find a way of getting back to No Tabs, any ideas?


Tony Bridge January 1, 2001 Reply


OIC about Tabs, they load in the background…great!

Sorry, Rachel for Hijacking your page, I’ll go now!


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