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eeeevil cat!

Lap Dance – requires Flash. Via the Women Designers list.

August already?

A shiny new month and a nice clean page to fill with random stuff.
Pixelsurgeon have been sending a fair bit of traffic my way since yesterday – I like digging through my referrers, I find loads of interesting sites that way.

1000 Journals

The 1000 journal Project is a very cool idea. I love projects like this.

Found in my referrer logs

Just some of the nice people (in no particular order) who link to me.

Sooper Dooper
A site for Sore Eyes
Stumpy -p
Web Nouveau Table-less Sites List
Mo Morgan(dot com)
Dan Brusca

This is fantastic

What should I put on the fence? (dot com)
One bloke fights for the right to chain his bike to a fence so that he can cycle to work… by chaining all the objects that aren’t specifically mentioned in the bicycle banning notice to the fence – only [...]


I don’t know if I’ll get to any this year… but all the memories of past festivals come flooding back with a little help from SeeThru

Warning labels

Stupid warning labels from actual products.
My favourite has to be
“Warning! This is not underwear! Do not attempt to put in pants.” — On the packaging for a wristwatch


Cute story – I used to have pet mice

Dogs in Elk

Dogs in Elk – I am laughing so much my stomach hurts. How weird is this story?

Thanks to Not So Soft for pointing me to this one.


I love UserFriendly and today’s cartoon is a classic.

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