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this has cheered me up

My night of shame at the topless bar“. I love the cartoons =) Via Orbyn


Gnod - “Even if you don’t know what you are looking for – gnod will find it”. Via Designflea, which is also worth a visit.

Style and typography online. Interesting articles and ideas.

More quiz silliness

I love online tests, the sillier the better. This evening I did SeeThru’s ‘Are you a lesbian?‘ and the result is that I scored 120, according to SeeThru,

“Lezza, whatever. If it moves, you’ll consider it. You are either a greedy bisexual, or you are greedy-bisexual-curious. You want to [...]

search engine requests

My favourite so far has to be Plastic Bag Bondage. I guess they were a bit disappointed when they ended up here!

Also in my collection I have searchers for Old Woman Shopping Trolleys, and my favourite Sexy Babe of the Year 2001. Marvellous.

I like this ...

Katbot – very cool =)

Make sure you mute your sound if in the office though, you’ll never pass this off as work related

perhaps we'll never know

If you have spent much time reading blogs or online journals in the last few months, chances are you happened on Kaycee’s blog. Kaycee a 19 year old girl dying from cancer. Her writing touched many people, myself included.
Today, a revelation from her ‘mother’ Debbie.
“Her name [...]

Independents Day

Independents Day – celebrating independent content and design. In my eyes the content and creativity brought to the web by people not in search of commercial gain is the best thing about this online world. Go sign up!

server logs fun

I looked at my logs today and noticed a large number of referers from a site called, being nosy I go and have a look. It appears to be an asp message board… I can recognise the words Copy Paste, IIS 5.0 and Visual Inter DEV [...]


This made me remember that things could be worse …and made me giggle so I got funny looks from the guys in the office, thanks to for that link

Is it only Wednesday?

Thanks to Plasticbag for pointing me in the direction of Seethru which contains such delights as 10 commandments for net newbies. Lots of entertaining reading there.

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