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Dr Rowan Williams will be the next Archbishop of Canterbury. This is a Very Good Thing.

Summertime ...

.. and its wet and cold. I incur the wrath of the small person daily for dressing her inappropriately as the weather plays evil tricks on us. If its bright first thing you can be sure it will be really cold and wet by 10a.m. if its raining and cold [...]

various ...

Do you use Homesite? If you do you might like to take a look at this site for loads of fantastic Homesite extensions, real ‘save you a whole bunch of typing’ stuff.

On the subject of web development software, here’s the book I am co-authoring on Dreamweaver MX [...]

birthday parties and moving house

I survived the small person’s 5th birthday party yesterday, and was only pinned in the corner by insane five year olds once during the proceedings! The next challenge is moving house, and therefore office, in the next week.

Drew and I tackled cleaning and packing in the small person’s room [...]

extra hours in the day needed

… if anyone has any spare ones, just send them this way, even slightly used hours would be greatly appreciated. Soon, I might be able to tell you about some of the things I’ve been busy with – you never know!

Drew and I have been known to sell strange things [...]

helping at the school

The Small Person has been asking me to come and help at her nursery one day, so I figured that going along one Monday morning to ‘help 6 children do some cooking’ would be fairly painless … how wrong I was…

I get there and a very nice teacher shows [...]

Strange earth problems

… and not of the muddy type!

I have a static problem so bad that I have to take off my shoes before I start work to ensure that I earth myself, and I have computers that have to have their power discharged (switch off at the back, then press the [...]


My sister returned to the USA yesterday and my mother arrives from the USA early tomorrow morning! The Small Person is in her element with people arriving to play with her.

I’m working on various things most of which remain under wraps for the time being. The main exciting [...]

well ... that was a short month

The beginning of March heralds the fact that I have been, successfully, running my own business full time for 6 months. Which is cool.

It also signifies the due date of my first essay for my Open University course which is due on Wednesday coming and is all written and [...]

One year on ...

I have been posting random stuff here for a whole year! A whole year of random rambling available for your pleasure.

I’ve just got back from the hospital where they prodded at my neck in order to perform a Carotid Duplex. Thankfully this is really just an ultrasound scan – just [...]

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