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The most irritating thing in the world?

A client just sent me a link to the API documentation for something we will be integrating with. The pages that contain the documentation are using JavaScript to scroll the page title! What were they thinking? Ploughing through documentation is bad enough but far worse when there is a [...]

Four Things

The lovely Bruce Lawson has tagged me with what might be the first ever meme-thingy I’ve completed.

Four jobs I’ve had in my life

  1. Shop assistant (working in the high class footwear establishment that is Shoe Fayre)
  2. Dancer
  3. Silver service waitress
  4. Stage crew in London’s West End working on Jolson! and The Mousetrap

I’ve gone [...]

Happy New Year!

Due to the lurgy descending on our household, it not being particularly easy to find anywhere fun to go on New Years Eve with a small party person in tow, and us not really being that fussed we spent New Years Eve helping the Small Person to build an internal [...]

So, how do you cut up a mango?

As title! The Small Person loves the slimy fruits, and I spent ten minutes this morning trying to chop the fruit off the stone without reducing the whole thing to mush. There must be a technique to this.

Clearing space on the shelves

I’ve been clearing some needed bookshelf space and buying the books I need for my next Open University course at bargain prices at Green Metropolis. I don’t have room for any more bookshelves so I’ve had to promise myself that I’ll get rid of some books before buying any [...]


So … I don’t post for two months, and when I do, it is for the sole purpose of showing you my pants.

Britpack: A Proud Member

Missing out and meeting up

Had I realised just how cool @media was going to be before it sold out, I would have got a ticket. It sounds like a fantastic time was had by all. We did however, manage to meet up with Molly for an evening, and after making her hang [...]

DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript and DOM

I remember the first time I saw an image rollover on a web site, and being blown away by the sheer coolness of such a thing. Of course I immediately had to learn how to do it. However, I never really liked JavaScript much after the initial ‘wooo I can [...]


Meri Williams makes some excellent points about diversity and gives some reasons as to why most of the really popular technical blogs are written by men, despite there being many women involved in technology and many women bloggers. I completely agree, and have to admit to [...]


I’m going to be THIRTY next Saturday. I remember when 30 seemed impossibly old, grown-ups were 30 … it was practically middle aged.

Today we took the Small Person to an audition for the National Youth Ballet, sat in the waiting area it seemed only a few weeks ago [...]

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