Posts in this section go back to 2000. Mostly web, and web business related.

Editorial Layouts, Exclusions, and CSS Grid

A CSS Exclusions solution to a problem that Rob Weychert posed, with regards to floated elements and CSS Grid.

The Way We Talk About CSS

On a plane between two conferences I had some thoughts about the way we think and talk about CSS. So here they are.

Why I'm moving from MacOS to Windows

Over the past week I’ve been moving my primary development machine from a Macbook Pro to a Surface Book. People keep asking me why, so I wrote it up here.

Coming to a browser near you - faster than ever before!

Looking back at over 15 years of being involved in promoting an interoperable web, I realise that we have never had things so good as web developers.


A letter to a friend.

Should I try to use the IE version of Grid Layout? Revisited for 2018

Updated thoughts on whether we should consider using the prefixed, older version of Grid Layout as a fallback.

Get Started with CSS Grid - Online Class

My online class is now live. Get Started with CSS Grid on Skillshare.

Launching a new product - from self-hosted to SaaS

Some thoughts on launching a new product as Perch turns 9, and on moving into the Software as a Service world.

Grid Level 2 and Subgrid

A post about subgrid and the level 2 spec, what is happening and how can you keep track of progress?

The CSS Layout Workshop updated for 2018

Updates to my online CSS Workshop and a $30 discount if you sign up this month.

CSS Grid One Year On

A year ago today, Firefox was the first browser to ship into stable their CSS Grid implementation. Closely followed by Chrome and Safari. It’s been quite a year for my favourite layout method.

Weeknotes 5

Smashing Conference, a muddy run, and articles on Media Queries and aviation culture.

Weeknotes 4

Global Diversity Call for Papers Day, Grid Level 2 and a very long run.

Weeknotes 3

Conference preparations, a Smashing TV Webinar, an update on a CSS Grid issue. What I’ve been up to in the past week.

Weeknotes 2

An article and video on sizing in Grid Layout, recording a podcast and running an online training. Some of the things in my weeknotes.

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