another new month?

I seriously have no idea where the time goes, I want it to slow down… I want to slow down, and I never seem to achieve that. I’m increasingly envious of the people who can spend an evening lounging in a chair, watching TV or reading a book, and just being.

The constant need to do something is useful when there is something to be done, but I could have time to step back and relax, if I wanted to, if I knew how to.

Mo Morgan has a new site, I don’t read many blogs these days, but he was corresponding via icq with Drew last night about it and one just has to go check out new sites with the comical range of web browsers we have here. Following links I read Meg‘s blog for the first time in ages and this caught my eye,

“…Whenever a plane passes overhead, handfuls of people stand and watch, distracted momentarily, subconsciously recognising and counting the bodies hurtling through the air, the potential of twisted metal and burning fuel, seeing the aeroplane for more than a vague transport device, thinking the unthinkable.
Strange how the little things have changed.”

Yes, the little things have changed. We’ve all changed. Planes thunder over here every few minutes to and from Heathrow and, standing in the school playground, a hush descends as they do so. Perhaps less so now than just after Sept 11th but noticable nonetheless.

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