Dive Into Mark made me laugh today with this …

“… they’ve lived in their house for twenty years and still have unopened boxes from the old house sitting in the attic. in fact, they still refer to their house as “the new house”. they have a basement too. people like this should not have basements. people like this should not be given any storage space whatsoever. they should be forced to throw away all their belongings at the end of the day, and buy all new stuff in the morning.”

That could be my parents, my parents are great but they have a lot of stuff, an awful lot of stuff. When I was little my friends loved coming to play at my house, because nobody cared if you made a mess … one more mess made no difference. I used to love to go to my friend’s houses to be amazed by the sight of stairs that weren’t entirely covered in toys and items of long since discarded clothing. When I was 8 we moved house, my mother didn’t bat an eyelid at the foot or so of toys and small person junk on the bedroom floor, but simply scooped it all into bin bags, carted it off to the new house and dumped it back on the floor again .. at least we felt at home!

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