Wise words

If Jesus once opened the eyes of a blind man, unstopped the ears of the deaf, loosened the tongue of a stammerer, so what? How can that help me? But if I find that his Spirit is still present and powerful to break down my own blinkered selfishness and make me see the truths about God, myself and the world; or if he can overcome my stupid prejudices and fears and challenge me to change my hardened heart and open up in love to him and others – then I too have been healed, and I too know what it means to be restored to the fullness of life.

The above quote is from an article, The Meaning in the Miracles, written by Jeffrey John, about the importance of exegesis, of drawing out the real meaning behind Scripture. His explanations of how the miracles recorded as being performed by Jesus so often showed Jesus as reaching out to and healing the outcasts – those who Judaism saw as unclean, are well researched and make me feel even more sad about the ugly situation that prevented this man from becoming Bishop of my own Diocese, Reading.

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