quiet ...

I’ve not posted for a while, mainly because I’ve been a bit poorly, poorly enough to not get much work done which isn’t like me at all, as I normally work through anything.

So now I’m really busy, I was busy before and now it’s crazy! It’s ok though .. the end is in sight and things tend to quieten down over Christmas as all my clients find they have Christmas parties to attend and a long break from work over the holiday season.

In other news the Small Person had a ballet exam today … strange to be taking my daughter to ballet exams, it seems like 5 minutes since I was standing outside the door of doom, hair pulled back too tight and wondering whether this examiner would be as fierce as the one before …

Cheryl on the 01 Jan 2001:

Sending recuperative, energy-filled wishes your way.

Tim on the 01 Jan 2001:

I can sympathise – I’ve just come back to work after an unprecedented week-and-a-half off work. My doctor couldn’t do anything except tell me to rest. I’ve never known anything quite like it, and I’m still not 100% by any means.

Hope you recover quickly and fully.

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