I’ve gone and got another cold, this is no doubt some kind of divine retribution for always being smug about hardly getting any colds, as this year it seems like someone has just needed to sneeze within a 100 yards of my vicinity and I’ve caught their cold.

Because having a blocked nose makes me horrendously grumpy I purchased various items from the chemist in the hope of making me less unbearable to everyone around me, my conclusion is that all of these cold remedies are a con. The decongestant stuff you spray up your nose had the effect of rendering me helpless during a 5 minute sneezing fit that was so violent I was left exhausted when it finished. I then tried these sticker things that you put on top of your nose which just make you look daft and leave you with a dry patch on your skin and the Olbas Oil sweets are probably most beneficial to everyone else as they can smell you a mile off and so are unlikely to come close enough to catch the lurgy from you.

Anyone got any suggestions for remedies that don’t make you stink or sneeze?


maggi January 1, 2001 Reply

get well soon! Like your blog – very cool.

Janet January 1, 2001 Reply

Go to bed!! Arise again in 3 days as good as gold, and a lot more refreshed…

C January 1, 2001 Reply

Ooo. Sorry to hear that! Your experience matches with mine; most commercial preparations don’t seem to do much to help. If you can afford the break, climb under a warm blanket and sip hot/warm water with lemon juice and honey. Keep it warm and the steam will help your sinuses, too. That, and brothy chicken soup. And rest.

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