Interview with Dave Shea

Craig Saila interviews Dave Shea (of CSS Zen Garden fame) in the latest issue of Digital Web Magazine.

It’s a good read, Dave does fantastic work in pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with CSS, and I really liked his comments when asked what his advice would be to those launching public sites,

“Develop a thick skin. We’re still at a point where a lot of fanfare greets each new standards-based launch, which means each new site is still under a lot of scrutiny. With that comes praise and criticism. It’s easy to focus on the negative comments, and miss the long list of positives. Don’t get too wrapped up in defending your work to people who feel contentious. I’ve been noticing that a lot of critics have pet causes, and unless you meet their entire list, you’ll have done something wrong. Some can be quick to find fault, and slow to accept that there may be more reasons for something than they see.”

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