The CSS Anthology

My book, The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks and Hacks is now on sale from Sitepoint. The book contains 101, “how do I …?” questions, with practical, cross-browser solutions to those problems. They are the answers to questions I have seen frequently posted to mailing lists; explanations of commonly used techniques; and just things that I have learned during the past 4 years of using CSS extensively.

It’s a practical book for people who need to get things done – based on my experience of being a practical sort of a person who uses many of these techniques on a daily basis to get things done. It was good fun to write and it is fantastic – if not slightly scary – to actually see it published!


David Horn November 15, 2004 Reply

The book looks great – a must have … how long before Amazon UK take less than ’4-6 weeks’ to ship? Very much looking forward to my copy!

Simon Mackie November 18, 2004 Reply

Congratulations Rachel, we’re really happy with the way the book turned out. The book launch has been really successful: our best to date!

David – the book is currently only available from directly. We’ll be distributing the book to retail (including in a few weeks, but at the moment the only way to get it is to order directly from us. Shipping to the UK only takes a few days 🙂

Dustin Diaz November 18, 2004 Reply

Hi there Rachel…I’d figure you’d get hit up a bit more on this blog upon launching your new book “The CSS Anthology.”

Just wanted to let you know I got it in the mail yesterday, and so far you’ve done a great job. I believe I was one of the firsts that ordered it within the first half-hour 🙂

Anyway, good stuff.

Dustin Diaz Designs November 18, 2004 Reply

Firefox 1.0, Halo, The CSS Anthology, Superman’s death
Such events occurring in a little amount of time; you’d figure Nostradamus would have told us about it in Time Magazine

Sean Foushee November 25, 2004 Reply

Rachel, I just bought your book from Sitepoint and I had to stop to tell you that you did a terrific job. This is a great resource and I have already used it as reference on two jobs in the last week.


Nathan November 30, 2004 Reply

Ms Andrew, I wanted to tell you I have found your book to be wonderful! I use it as a semi-constant comapnion and reference guide on how to do many CSS “tricks”. Often I have wondered how things were achieved with CSS and now your book has shown me how. I am particularly thrilled with the sections relating to positioning.
Thank you for writing this book.

Nikole December 1, 2004 Reply

Thanks for the great book! I found it very helpful.

Andre June 1, 2005 Reply

Needed some CSS inspiration and saw your book in the store. It is perfect. Thanks for an excellent well presented book!

Don Samdahl April 26, 2006 Reply


Bought your book and it looks great! Where can I download the code listed in the book, e.g. p.98, File: tabs.html? Thanks. Don

Rachel April 26, 2006 Reply

Don – the code can be downloaded from the Sitepoint website.

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