The CSS Anthology

My book, The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks and Hacks is now on sale from Sitepoint. The book contains 101, “how do I …?” questions, with practical, cross-browser solutions to those problems. They are the answers to questions I have seen frequently posted to mailing lists; explanations of commonly used techniques; and just things that I have learned during the past 4 years of using CSS extensively.

It’s a practical book for people who need to get things done – based on my experience of being a practical sort of a person who uses many of these techniques on a daily basis to get things done. It was good fun to write and it is fantastic – if not slightly scary – to actually see it published!

David Horn on the 15 Nov 2004:

The book looks great – a must have … how long before Amazon UK take less than ’4-6 weeks’ to ship? Very much looking forward to my copy!

Simon Mackie on the 18 Nov 2004:

Congratulations Rachel, we’re really happy with the way the book turned out. The book launch has been really successful: our best to date!

David – the book is currently only available from directly. We’ll be distributing the book to retail (including in a few weeks, but at the moment the only way to get it is to order directly from us. Shipping to the UK only takes a few days :-)

Dustin Diaz on the 18 Nov 2004:

Hi there Rachel…I’d figure you’d get hit up a bit more on this blog upon launching your new book “The CSS Anthology.”

Just wanted to let you know I got it in the mail yesterday, and so far you’ve done a great job. I believe I was one of the firsts that ordered it within the first half-hour :)

Anyway, good stuff.

Dustin Diaz Designs on the 18 Nov 2004:

Firefox 1.0, Halo, The CSS Anthology, Superman’s death
Such events occurring in a little amount of time; you’d figure Nostradamus would have told us about it in Time Magazine

Sean Foushee on the 25 Nov 2004:

Rachel, I just bought your book from Sitepoint and I had to stop to tell you that you did a terrific job. This is a great resource and I have already used it as reference on two jobs in the last week.


Nathan on the 30 Nov 2004:

Ms Andrew, I wanted to tell you I have found your book to be wonderful! I use it as a semi-constant comapnion and reference guide on how to do many CSS “tricks”. Often I have wondered how things were achieved with CSS and now your book has shown me how. I am particularly thrilled with the sections relating to positioning.
Thank you for writing this book.

Nikole on the 01 Dec 2004:

Thanks for the great book! I found it very helpful.

Andre on the 01 Jun 2005:

Needed some CSS inspiration and saw your book in the store. It is perfect. Thanks for an excellent well presented book!

Don Samdahl on the 26 Apr 2006:


Bought your book and it looks great! Where can I download the code listed in the book, e.g. p.98, File: tabs.html? Thanks. Don

Rachel on the 26 Apr 2006:

Don – the code can be downloaded from the Sitepoint website.

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