Geeks unplugged

On Saturday Drew and I left our respective desks and headed into London to meet up with Simon Collison, Malarky, Andy Budd, Jon Hicks, Richard Rutter, Patrick Griffiths, John Oxton and Jeremy Keith. Photos here, here and here – not a pooter in sight!

Simon Willison on the 16 Nov 2004:

How on earth did you guys get together a geek meetup without at least /one/ PowerBook? Are you sure you’re all geeks?

Drew on the 16 Nov 2004:

Oh, there were Powerbooks, they just never came out. :)

John Oxton on the 16 Nov 2004:

Very nice to meet both yourself and Drew… As for computers I am glad they were absent, wasn’t much looking foward to producing my wee iBook in front of all those silver monsters! :)

btw..Your book is on my Christmas wishlist can I get it signed!??

Weber on the 18 Nov 2004:

Hi cool!

Ashley Portman on the 20 Dec 2004:

Oh! That would be a great Christmas present!

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