Moving offices

It has been admittedly a rather long time since I posted here. The main reason for the hiatus was moving my business out of my home office and to new office premises. This all went fairly smoothly although it is very strange to not be working from home after three and a half years of my commute being up the stairs and into the attic!

The office move encouraged a decision that I have been wanting to make for a while – to go entirely to Linux for my business desktop machines. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been using Linux on the desktop for years, but never quite made a complete switch, and a lot of that was because my business and personal computing needs were linked. As a writer I need Microsoft Word for compatibility. In my business however, I mainly edit text files all day, and the type of office documents I need to edit are fairly basic and copes with them just fine.

I figured I could always switch back if it went horribly wrong so not only did I move offices on February 14th … I switched operating systems. We are now running with a Linux domain controller doing all the network logins using Samba (replacing the absolute nightmare that is Active Directory) and also handling DNS and Linux + KDE on the desktop, and it’s all gone incredibly well.

Back at home my Windows desktop looks horribly old fashioned and clunky after working all day on the loveliness that is KDE, but it needed replacing anyway, so for my writing and my general pootering around at home … I’m going to be getting me a Mac Mini. Thanks for all the advice in my previous thread, the office move has removed some of my issues anyway – I’m dealing with the QuickBooks issue and the need for Windows for browser testing by using my laptop which covers me if I need that at home and at work.


Ben March 14, 2005 Reply

Cool. 🙂

Elliot Smith March 15, 2005 Reply

You won’t regret moving to Linux/Mac. I don’t know how those poor Windows sods cope with using it all day. Next thing you need to do is move to Gnome instead of KDE 🙂

gv March 25, 2005 Reply

Woo woo!

gv March 25, 2005 Reply

Oops. I accidentally truncated my message. Meant to express my excitement on your decision to pick up a Mac Mini, and my congratulations on your success move (which must mean things are going quite well, which is well deserved, certainly!)

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