I’m going to be THIRTY next Saturday. I remember when 30 seemed impossibly old, grown-ups were 30 … it was practically middle aged.

Today we took the Small Person to an audition for the National Youth Ballet, sat in the waiting area it seemed only a few weeks ago that it was me doing the auditioning. Almost ten years on I’m one of those ballet mothers, more nervous for my daughter than I ever was for myself, wondering if I’m doing the right thing by letting her dance, and knowing that if she wants to do it I wouldn’t be able to stop her anyway.

I’m with Molly on the issue that time seems to be speeding up, however while 10 years seemed to have been compressed into 10 minutes as I sat in that waiting room today, when I look back it’s been one hell of a journey from there to here and I wouldn’t change any of it … even the really dodgy bits! It’s all part of who I am and what I do. It’s taken me nearly 30 years to be able to honestly say that I’m happy, to be at a point where I can look forward to the next day, month, year or ten … so I’m not too bothered about turning 30. I think it’s fairly unlikely that Saturday will see me becoming a “grown-up” though, that would probably involve the wearing of proper shoes and going to bed early, wouldn’t it?


Peter Mount April 11, 2005 Reply

Just wait until you hit your 40s. Then you’ll have fun reading the things from people writing about how there about to turn 30. The term “grown-up” almost deserves to be stricken from the English vocabulary. It’s a term that seems to describe people beyond a certain age who are delusional about how important they are when really they’re just being selfish enough to take an extra ten minutes for their coffee breaks each day.

Phil Gregory April 11, 2005 Reply

Have to agree with you Rachel. Time is deffo speeding up. I do enjoy my llife now I’m 31 though…it seems weird but it took me so long to realise i need to be simple to be happy.

Tim April 16, 2005 Reply

Happy Birthday!


Molly E. Holzschlag April 18, 2005 Reply


Becoming 30 was THE happiest birthday of my life. Of course, I’m a decade and two years past that now, but I do have to say, it was certainly a defining point in my life. At 30, I finally knew who I was. The rest has just been figuring the best way to present that fact.

Your daughter will love you for having been there to see her dance. I was a ballet child, I worked so hard but alas, my mother and father never saw me dance.

I’m over 40 now, which also has its advantages. I can dance freely, and not worry if anyone is watching.

Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Rachel, and Many Happy Returns!


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