Missing out and meeting up

Had I realised just how cool @media was going to be before it sold out, I would have got a ticket. It sounds like a fantastic time was had by all. We did however, manage to meet up with Molly for an evening, and after making her hang around in dodgy parts of London where the Small Person was at a film shoot (chaperoned by me wearing my theatre mother hat) we put the world to rights over several bottles of wine. So we managed to catch up with all the gossip despite failing to get to a conference that was practically on our doorstep … must try harder next time!

Andy Hume on the 14 Jun 2005:

Yep – It were wicked.

Molly E. Holzschlag on the 15 Jun 2005:

Rachel, yes, next time it’s a must. But I have to say setting the world right over good wine is still a very good thing :)

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality!


Derek Featherstone on the 01 Jul 2005:

Rachel – I was actually quite disappointed; I just naturally assumed you’d be there… Next time!!

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