Websites alienate Firefox users

This morning the BBC reports on a survey made of 100 leading consumer web sites – revealing that 3% were turning away non-IE users and a further 7% were using IE-specific code. The article then went on to explain why web standards were important – not only to users of Firefox but also in terms of accessibility.

The research, by Web-testing firm SciVisum, is also reported by The Register, which quotes the director of Usability firm Human Factors International describing the question of making a site accessible to multiple browsers as “a no brainer” … well, exactly.


Bruno Girin June 24, 2005 Reply

Thanks for those links. It’s nice to see the mainstream media not only reporting on this but also explaining why it’s important and giving some good business reasons why companies should consider adopting web standards.

simone June 24, 2005 Reply

user journey testing like the society scivisum are doing is such an important thing, but where I work the website works but customer complains are high -so I think that there are problems that nobody knows how big are they.


mack June 30, 2005 Reply

As a ‘Firefox’ enthusiast, I’ve never had a problem. But, really, why buy things from these companies, then?

Edd July 22, 2005 Reply

Recently, I noticed that a navigation bar at a banking website that I use showed up in IE but not in Firefox. I emailed the webmaster who answered immediately and had the correction made the next day. Some people are getting the message that there are those of us out there who would rather not march to Microsoft’s drum.

Alex August 27, 2005 Reply

Its not really hard… just listen to the almighty W3C and stay away from evil Micro$oft then you’ll be fine. ~_^

Also, nice site you have here ^^

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