Build Your Own Standards Compliant Website Using Dreamweaver 8

My latest book, Build Your Own Standards Compliant Website with Dreamweaver 8, is now available from Sitepoint. This book was written for Dreamweaver 8 and , through the process of building a standards compliant website using valid XHTML Strict and CSS, you will discover all of the new features in Dreamweaver 8 that make working with CSS far easier than ever before.

Currently available from Sitepoint, although it will eventually be in stock on amazon and at other retailers. Sitepoint also have, as always, some free chapters available for download – so you can check it out before deciding whether to get a copy.

Andy Boreham on the 19 Oct 2005:

Hi, do you know when Amazon in UK will be stocking your book? I can order from the states but I would prefer to order from UK.


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