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Organic Cayenne Pepper

I discovered the Steenbergs Organic Pepper and Spice website a while ago, and remembered them while pulling everything out of the cupboards looking for the garam masala I was sure I had another jar of, earlier this week. I love cooking and have been rattling through the spices recently cooking lots of Indian food, and the spices on the Steenbergs site looked great. The Indian Spice Box which arrived today didn’t disappoint. Lovely spices – beautifully packaged. I’m quite tempted to get the bread makers selection now as I make all our bread, being suspicious of the store bought loaves that last 2 weeks without going mouldy and spring back into shape like a sponge when squished – just how do they get them to do that?


Peter Mount October 7, 2005 Reply

Indian food sounds nice. Do you have any links to recipes on the Web? The only link I really know is http://www.mrbreakfast.com/

I’m a single male so I’m after some recipes that don’t require too much brain power

Ben October 11, 2005 Reply

Oooh, marvellous – I think I might have to start dropping some hints, what with christmas coming up soon 😉

David Locke October 17, 2005 Reply

Hi Rachel,
I am impressed that you are making your own bread. As for why it springs back to life and stays ‘alive’ for so long, preservatives – not good!!

Started working on you CSS book by the way. Really helping me loads.
Take care

James December 26, 2005 Reply

Steenbergs is great. I take a sample from various spices: coriander, cardamom, cumin seeds etc. and put them into a pepper mill – then use it to season just about anything that tastes good a little bit spiced up.

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