24 Ways To Impress Your Friends

In the run up to Christmas, learn a new web development tip every day at 24 ways … by Christmas Day you’ll have a whole bunch of new exciting knowledge with which to impress your Aunties over the festive meal.


Edd December 5, 2005 Reply

Thanks for the link. I looked at your example today and copied it for future reference and use. One little thing through me, though. Your name for the CSS page “fixed-width-centred.css” had me going crazy trying to figure out why it wouldn’t work until I realized that you used “centred” instead of “centered”. It took me several long minutes of reading and rereading the code until I noticed that and got both pages synced to the same name! Any way, the 24 lessons have been very interesting so far.

Edd December 5, 2005 Reply

Wow—-bad spelling on my part!! “through” instead of “threw” !! Its been a long weekend!

Eric December 17, 2005 Reply

Great design, you have on this blog. I am a poor fellow and i dont know any css. i use blogger. I am going crazy over css.

ur sample chapters are gr8. i want to get the book but the book is not available in our place (no amazon delivery here). pls write more on css. make things easier for commoners. nice blog here. wishes once again!

Ashley Bowers December 18, 2005 Reply

Yea I have been keeping up with the 24 ways site since the start have learned alot since the site started. Only problem all my friends know of the site so I dont get to impress my friends!

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