Happy New Year!

Due to the lurgy descending on our household, it not being particularly easy to find anywhere fun to go on New Years Eve with a small party person in tow, and us not really being that fussed we spent New Years Eve helping the Small Person to build an internal combustion engine from a kit bought for Christmas by her godparents (who understand that she isn’t the type of small person who plays with dolls). It was quite a good kit as it happens, with instructions just bad enough that it was something of a challenge, but not so bad that you give up and abandon the thing.

It’s quite difficult to find toys that are a challenge – or that leave some creativity up to the child – these days. Even Lego seems to be mainly big chunks of plastic with a few bricks to stick on the top of your castle/space ship/ Harry Potter train – although they do seem to be starting to bring out some of the kits that I remember building as a small person. I worry about the next generation … how will they ever be able to construct flat pack furniture if they haven’t been confounded by cryptic instructions from an early age?


Ben January 2, 2006 Reply

There are some good lego sets still being made, and you can get big buckets of peices too (without the crappy “proprietary” bits.

The engine sounds like a cool present 🙂

Peter Mount January 4, 2006 Reply

I shouldn’t worry about he little one if I were you. People have always been worrying about the “next generation” since time immemorial yet they still grow up smart enough to put the old folk into Retirement Homes. On second thoughts maybe we should worry?

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