Highbury House receivership

Posting this mainly for the benefit of any other freelances who are trying to find out information about what to do regarding unpaid invoices following Highbury House going into receivership on January 20th.

Rob Buckley has been doing some excellent detective work and has information about the sale of various titles as well as contact addresses and phone numbers for the receivers.

The National Union of Journalists have also published details of how to submit a claim.

The titles that I wrote regular articles for, “Web Designer” and “Web Developer” appear to have been bought by Imagine Publishing and whether they will continue the titles I don’t know for sure however this thread on the magazine forum seems to indicate that they may well – if true some good news for subscribers to the magazines.

To be honest it doesn’t look too hopeful that freelance writers with outstanding payments will get anything for our work as we will be at the end of a long line of people with claims, however it’s probably worth checking as there has been mention of some money for those with work commissioned and completed since mid December.

Best wishes to all of the ex-Highbury crowd. I hope that, if the magazines do continue, there will be jobs created for those full-time employees finding themselves suddenly out of work at this point.


simon r jones February 6, 2006 Reply

Thanks for posting the info Rachel, this is the first I’ve heard of the news. Unfortunately I had only just started writing for their magazines and had yet to get paid for any of the three items I’d done. At least I can chase it up with the adminstrators now some vain hope of getting something back.

I wonder what happens to the copyright on unpaid articles?

Chris Brooks October 17, 2006 Reply

Sorry to hear about the fall of highbury House. Good luck to all affected employees. I am an overseas investor and would be pleased to hear any info on share issues. Please don’t be bashfull, I am an Australian resident (ex pat english) and need to find out what to do about shares etc.

Ahley Silver October 31, 2006 Reply

Sorry to trouble U.Do U know who the administrator is Iwould be grateul for the informationin respect to Highbury House

Chris Brooks February 3, 2007 Reply

Has anymore ben heard of Highbury House? I am a minor share holder and am having trouble getting Info!


don walker February 12, 2007 Reply

Like Chris I am a small share holder – any more info if anyone has it.


lindsay mason August 14, 2007 Reply

I was commissioned by the editor of Popular Crafts magazine in July of 2005 to write thirteen articles for a Christmas special magazine which was circulated in November of that year with successful sales. I was advised, as usual, of my fees and sent in my invoice. Since that day, despite writing to the principals concerned with the Highbury House Publications demise, I have not received ANY communication from ANYONE whatsoever. I find the whole episode deplorable and am disgusted at the sharp practices that were used to cheat freelance writers out of their fees. L.J.Mason

ASHLEY SILVER August 21, 2008 Reply

Does anyone know who the receivers
of Highbury House Publications are.
I would appreciate the information

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