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This summer we have Ed Kelly from Exeter University working at Ed is studying Computer Science and will be working with us for 8 weeks as part of the Shell Step Programme. The programme aims to get students working in business on a real project during their summer break.

The project we are working on is going to remain under wraps for a little while yet, but I can say that it is something we have wanted to use in our business for some time now, and we have a hunch it might be useful to other businesses too. You can keep up to date with what we are up to on the project’s own blog – Project Dog Food.

Since this post is about work stuff I should also mention that we have a few places left on our July CSS training course in a couple of weeks time. The course is based on topics covered in The CSS Anthology, taught by myself and Drew McLellan, and suitable for beginners to those who have some experience but would like to be able to formalize what they know. Our past courses have been really enjoyable, and we’ve had some good feedback from attendees.

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John October 22, 2008 Reply


I apologize for leaving a non-post related comment here (I couldn’t find an email link for you). I just read and I am very intrigued by your Digital Web article, “Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong.” – I am a web designer (with roots heavily in print design) and I am woefully behind on designing websites PURELY with .css. The sites I have done in the past few years, I have APPLIED .css styling to tables. Is this (the content of your article) going to change everything? And though this will be supported by IE8, much of the non web savvy world will not be ON IE8 for a substantial length of time after its arrival.

I would SO appreciate your feedback, and thank you so much for the excellent article! If possible, could you email me your response?

Thanks so much,


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