Writing about the business of web development for A List Apart

I have been a reader of A List Apart for almost as long as I have been a web developer. I have always enjoyed their approach to writing for the web, giving space for opinion and new ideas rather than just “how to” articles. So I am very excited about my new column, launched with my first article yesterday – You Can’t Do Everything.

If you read this blog or follow me on Twitter you will know that I enjoy talking and writing about the business side of the work that I do. Like most of us, I ended up running a business because I wanted to do web development. I’ve had to learn business skills as I went along. Over 11 years after founding edgeofmyseat.com, I’m in the position of having run a successful services business that transitioned to a product business. I’ll be using my column to write about the things I have learned – and am still learning – along the way.

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