Shipping your product – the workshop

When we launched the initial version of Perch, we spent about the same amount of time developing the infrastructure around selling and supporting the product as we did in developing that first version of the software itself. We needed to develop the marketing site, decide how we would support the product and work out how to deliver license keys. There seemed to be an endless stream of things to do.

It doesn’t stop at launch. Over the past four years we’ve constantly iterated on that infrastructure, trying to improve the experience of our customers. As I write, we are in the middle of testing our new system for trying demos of Perch.

Based on our experience, I have developed a new workshop and am very excited to be presenting it at Future of Web Apps in London in October. In the full day workshop we will cover all of the “other things” you need to consider when launching a product. For example:

  • The infrastructure around your product – hosting, third party services
  • Your options when selling a product for taking payment – PayPal, merchant accounts, new solutions such as GoCardless
  • Pricing models
  • How to support your product
  • Content and copywriting
  • Advertising and Social Media
  • What to outsource and how to do it

Perch is a product from and we’re a two person company. Perch was bootstrapped, and profitable within 24 hours of launch. With that as a background you can imagine that I know a thing or two about doing things without a lot of money or time. We’ll be discussing where it might work to cut corners – and where you absolutely shouldn’t!

I know from our own experience just how valuable your time is as a product developer and so I intend this workshop to be a real day of work on your business. Rather than just listening to me talking, we will be working towards an action plan tailored to your business needs. I’d like everyone to leave the day feeling as if they have made progress and have new things to explore.

If you haven’t attended a Future Insights event before, they really do look after attendees and you can be sure to have a great day (or three if you also book to attend the conference). I’m very happy to answer any questions you might have before booking a ticket to my workshop. If you do book drop me a line to say hello, and tell me about what you hope to get out of the day. It would be great to know a bit about people beforehand. I can be contacted via email at or as @rachelandrew on Twitter.

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