Dear Apple, I am not a freak.

I am interested in running and cycling. As a web developer I am interested in the latest tech news and gadgets. As a business owner and a writer I need to keep up with the latest tech and business news.

So why does Apple newsstand think I might want to read fashion, slimming and celebrity gossip?

Ah yes, that would be because I am a woman. Magazines “for Her” this morning contained a selection of celebrity gossip, slimming, fashion and home styling magazines.

In the “for Him” section we have Wired UK and Stuff (a gadget magazine). Both of these are magazines that I would be far more interested in – given the interests I listed in my opening paragraph – than celebrity gossip. I have enough to do in my own life without reading about what someone I don’t know wore to a party last week.

It is 2013. Women can be interested in fast cars and gadgets; men can be interested in celeb gossip and home decor. That’s all good. Can whoever is responsible for listing things in this archaic “for him” and “for her” fashion please stop treating those of us who are atypical for our gender like freaks?


Laura Kalbag June 23, 2013 Reply

Ugh, I can’t believe Apple would do it too. Newsagents such as WHSmiths have been doing it for years, including publications about web design and politics under “Men’s” too. Infuriating.

Estelle June 23, 2013 Reply


prisca June 23, 2013 Reply

Hear! Hear!
Couldn’t agree more, Rachel…

Zak Kain June 23, 2013 Reply

Because of these long-standing societal biases, this approach to marketing and sales still works! if it didn’t, Apple wouldn’t do it. Sadly, women who don’t love tech and men who don’t love celeb gossip must still be the majority here in the West.

Craig Grannell June 23, 2013 Reply

This kind of thing drives me nuts too. It’s similar to the toys thing I keep banging on about on Twitter. I can’t for the life of me see how any magazines should be filed by gender (including things like Cosmo and Men’s Health—just put those in a ‘lifestyle’ section).

farkus June 23, 2013 Reply

Well you are in the minority and since apple hand picks and controls everything, you have no right to complain. Its what you signed up for. Just go to the tech section or go android where everything is actually catered to your interests and not apple’s stereotypes

Paul D. Waite June 24, 2013 Reply

@farkus: “since apple hand picks and controls everything, you have no right to complain”.

I think people still have a right to complain.

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