The Profitable Side Project Handbook – now available

After an epic week of battling with e-book formats, this morning I have launched my new book The Profitable Side Project Handbook.

As with all side projects, I’ve learned a lot just getting to the point of launching the book, and I’ll be writing up some of that here in the next few weeks. Despite being many times published I’ve never tried to write and produce my own book. It’s been an enjoyable process, but I feel more nervous releasing this into the wild than anything else I have written.

In my regular A List Apart column last week I shared the story of how important our side project that became our business was when I shattered my elbow last year. This is one reason that I think it is worth creating profitable side projects, that can form part of your income. I really hope my new book helps and inspires readers to launch their own products.

Read full information and purchase the book.

I would love to hear your feedback, thoughts, or about what you are working on.

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