Learn CSS Layout with me – online or in person.

This week I have launched the first part of my online CSS Layout training course over at The CSS Workshop. The course is sold via our soon to be at version 1 Perch Shop. I like to add extra peril to my launches by launching them on our own beta e-commerce platform. As it happens it all performed very well, and I’ll be writing up how to sell content in this way as part of the material around Shop.

The first course, CSS Layout Fundamentals, aims to be a thorough, practical training on the current state of web layout. These are the things you need to know to make good layout decisions today. It’s all CSS all of the time. You won’t need a task runner, we aren’t writing Sass. In years of teaching this stuff I know that the best place to start is with HTML and CSS. Once you have those core skills you can go for your life with the time-saving techniques and workflow tools.

Take a look at the courses, at the FAQ, or at the free material on Selectors and Length Units.

CSS Layout Training and Workshops

The material for the online course runs alongside material I have developed for in-person workshops and training. I’ve a few public workshops coming up including a two day training at Fluent, and one-day workshops for Webinale in Berlin and in collaboration with White October in London. Take a look at the dates here. I believe tickets are still available for all of these.

I have a diminishing number of free dates this year to do in-house workshops or public workshops. The nice thing about presenting this sort of material to your team is I can – in discussion with you – select the bits that are most relevant to the things you want your team to know. Whether you just want people to have a solid grounding in modern techniques or want to learn all of the cutting edge things, I can put together a course for you. Drop me a line if you want to know more.

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