Weeknotes 2

This week Widget the cat had to go to the vet hospital for an operation. He is home now, quite angry at us, but seems to be a lot better than he was before the op. No flying lessons due to the continued suboptimal weather, but I’ve been to Cross Fit twice and run a not insignificant number of miles in marathon training. Related, most bits of me hurt.

IMG 5369

How big is that box?

I made a little video about the intrinsic, content-sizing keywords and how they are used to size Grid Tracks.

The video was to accompany my latest Smashing Magazine epic of an article, How Big Is That Box? Understanding Sizing In Grid Layout.

CSS Layout News

I published CSS Layout News Issue 129, which has a pretty great roundup of links. It’s great to see so many people writing and thinking about CSS layout.

Safari Online Training

Every so often I spend a couple of hours talking to my computer (and 100 or so attendees) for the Safari Online Training series. My recent session was this Friday, I have another coming up in February.

A Book Apart

A little while ago I did an interview for A Book Apart, part of a series to help people get to know the A Book Apart authors. That interview was published this week.

As yet unreleased things

I recorded a podcast episode, worked on my talk for The London Smashing Conference, and completed the second draft of my chapter for The Smashing Book 6.

Lots and lots of conference email, plenty of exciting trips and events planned. I’ll add them to my speaking page as they are announced.

Smashing Magazine

In addition to my article, on Smashing Magazine this week we published the following articles. I’m really happy with some of the content currently coming through our publishing process. I get to read everything, and we have some excellent stuff lined up.

Sad news

There was sad news this week of the death of Dean Allen. I can’t claim Dean as a friend, he was someone that Drew knew far better than I did. However the one time we met in person left an impression on me, enough to know that I wish I’d had the chance to know him better. At the time we met, my daughter was maybe 9 or so, she came with us to dinner. Dean spoke to her as a peer, listened to her, involved her in the conversation and enthralled her with his stories. We lost a good person this week. His impact on the web reaches far, can be found in the many stories that are starting to be told, the remembrances on Twitter. RIP Dean Cameron Allen.

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