Weeknotes 3

I am well into conference preparation now. Smashing Conf London is just over a week away, and I’ll be presenting a new talk and updated CSS Layout workshop. I’m also working on a new talk for designers on Grid and other new layout methods. I’ll be presenting that at UX Immersion: Interactions.

CSS Layout News issue 130 was published, last week thanks to an anonymous sponsor.

Smashing TV

This week I did a Smashing TV Webinar for Smashing Magazine. A one hour talk on layout, then a chat with over 100 attendees. It was really good fun.

CSS Working Group

On the CSS Working Group call we discussed the issue I posted to this blog at the end of last year – How should we resolve percentage margins and padding on grid and flex items?

Due to the fact opinion is split Edge have decided to align their implementation with Chrome and Safari, as have Firefox. This ensures that existing sites do not break, and we get interoperable behaviour. Lots of interesting things have come out of the discussion however, including thoughts on better ways to handle the aspect ratio issues and the “padding hack” enabled by the behaviour in Chrome and Safari.

Smashing Magazine articles

Another nice week of articles on Smashing Magazine, I read every article that we publish and we’ve got more great stuff coming up soon.

Other things

The weather in Bristol is still preventing flying lessons, and also making marathon training a rather cold and damp affair. In addition to running a lot, I’ve been at CrossFit and also swimming, which at least gets me away from the computers for a while.

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