Weeknotes 4

Slides, slides and more slides. That really is what I’ve been working on this week, getting all these talks and workshops sorted out. I’ve also written three, as yet unpublished articles, and started work on some examples for the MDN Web Docs.

Ran over 30 miles this week, half of that as a long run on Sunday. Marathon training continues. Next week I’m at Smashing Conf, London so I’m going to take the chance to have a bit of a recovery week and do shorter runs.

CSS Working Group

At the tele-conference it was resolved to publish Level 2 of the CSS Grid Specification. The main focus will be the subgrid feature.

CSS Layout News

Issue 131 went out on Tuesday, sponsored by Smashing Conf.

Global Diversity Call for Papers Day

I had volunteered to mentor at Global Diversity CfP Day, which aims to get more people submitting to call for papers for conferences. It was a really fun day, I met some lovely people and I hope my comments and ideas were in some way helpful. It was also really good fun to see reports coming in from all over the world, I’d not left home for the Bristol event when events in Australia were posting to the Slack group to say they were all done!

Gdcfpday bristol

Photo from our Bristol family photo on Twitter.

I’m going to be writing a round-up post for Smashing Magazine to cover the day and also share some of the resources used, to help more people get started with conference speaking.

Smashing Magazine

Something for everyone on Smashing this week. If you don’t see content you want to read on Smashing, I’d love to know what you would like to see. We have a content suggestions board for your ideas and votes.

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